Optimising your talent for today and tomorrow

At Fisher People in Culture, we embrace the value that diverse perspectives, capabilities and thinking bring to a growing business and we understand the work that is needed to enable diverse teams to perform successfully.

As many as 70% of SMEs struggle to reach their next round of growth. All too often, SMEs weight investment in the tangible things, like machines, property and technology, ahead of investment in building the talent and culture they need for today and tomorrow.

Will you be one of the 70%? Optimising your culture and talent for today and tomorrow is a proven success factor. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can worry about this later.

Fisher People in Culture is a talent-based consultancy with a focus on international SMEs and subsidiary businesses, connecting culturally to deliver culture optimisation,  talent development and talent acquisition solutions.

Our Expertise

Culture Optimisation and
Talent Development

Our organisational culture and talent development solutions identify and build on the very foundations that create inherent behaviours in your leaders, teams and talent, for the organisation to perform and thrive. We bring the know-how to pinpoint where obstacles are manifesting, and the lived experience in international SMEs to shape the right approach to enable positive culture in your business over time.


Our recruitment, search and onboarding solutions for all of your senior and business critical roles are underpinned by a commitment; to first understand your business, then draw on our diverse lived experiences and deliver quality outcomes to positively impact your business — ensuring you have the talent for today and tomorrow.

Our Insights

We truly believe that growth and development happen through experience — and often through collaborative experience. Sharing ideas, diverse perspectives and different paths travelled can create space for different ways of thinking and build new connections. We hope you enjoy reading our thoughts and insights around the critical role of optimising culture, for the survival, wellbeing, impact and achievements of your organisation and its people.

From Our Clients

We partner with international SMEs and subsidiaries to achieve their growth potential by delivering sustainable talent and culture outcomes. By investing the time, the know-how and the international SME experience, we help you shape practical solutions that add value to your business for today and tomorrow.

Are you curious about how to build and grow the talent you need for today and tomorrow to achieve your business growth potential?